Quick Rands Personal Loans South Africa

Quick Rands Personal Loans South Africa. From R3 000 to R120 000. Same Day Approval. Fixed Interest Rates. Quick And Easy. APPLY NOW!

When the end of the month comes, do you find yourself having to pay retail and credit card accounts, leaving you with less cash flow than you’d like? Clientèle Quick Rands Personal Loans South Africa could pay up to R120 000 extra cash into your bank account within just 48 hours.

Getting Quick Rands Personal Loans South Africa With Clientèle

  • You can apply for any amount from R3 000 to R120 000 in increments of R1 000.
  • You have 18 – 60 months to repay the loan.
  • If you are approved, you can use your loan however you like – school fees, much needed car repairs, renovations, account consolidation and more!

Quick Rands Personal Loans South Africa Fixed Interest Rates

The interest on the personal loan will be fixed at Clientèle’s current rate for the full term of the loan period.
With no fluctuations in the interest rate, the monthly installment is always the same, allowing you to plan ahead.

Applying For Quick Rands Personal Loans South Africa

  • Access the online loan application page.
  • Applying for this loan with Clientèle can be done 7 days a week from 8 am – 8 pm over the phone by calling 0861 354 354 or, by completing the CALL ME BACK form.
  • No face-to-face interviews needed.
  • The loan is unsecured.
  • Paid by direct deposit into your bank account.
  • If approved, the loan will be finalised in 48 hours.

To Qualify For Quick Rands Personal Loans South Africa You Must

  1. Be 18 years or older.
  2. Be a South African resident.
  3. Earn a minimum permanent salary of R5 000 per month or more.
  4. Have A good credit record.

Requirements For Quick Rands Personal Loans South Africa

  • A clear copy of your ID document.
  • Proof of income will be required such as your last 3 months’ payslips or bank statements
  • A recent document confirming your residential address.
  • Your bank account details where your salary is paid into.

Peace Of Mind – The Personal Protection Plan

Clientèle Quick Rands Personal Loans South Africa is concerned about your financial well being therefore a Personal Protection Plan has been included which enables your outstanding loan balance to be settled in the event of your death, permanent disability or if you contract a dread disease.
Quick Rands Personal Loans South Africa is arranged exclusively for you through Clientèle Loans Direct and Direct Axis, established authorized Financial Services Providers in South Africa.
All requests are considered, but the final Quick Rands Personal Loans South Africa amount allowed will be subject to your personal financial profile and credit approval.

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Clientele is there to provide for your cash-flow improvements.

Personal Loan Without Payslip

Instant Personal Loan Without Payslip up to R125 000. Instant approval. No pay slip needed. Money deposited within 24hrs! Apply NOW!

A paperless process with no queues. Whether you’re looking for extra cash for car repairs, your studies or even a wedding.

RCS LOANS offers Loans from R1 000 to R125 000

Getting started is easy, all it takes is a couple of steps. No documents required and no need to go through long application processes. With flexibly repayments options of 12-60 months to pay.

Requirements For Personal Loan Without Payslip

  • You must be 18 years old and older
  • You must have a South African ID
  • You must earn a minimum of R2000 a month
  • You must have a good credit record
  • You must hold a bank account

In order to process your application, All Is Needed is:

  • Your South African ID number
  • Your bank details – So that a Debit Order can be set up as your payment method.
  • Please note that this is the automatic payment method for all loan repayments.

How to Apply For No Payslip Loans In South Africa

Applying for Personal Loan Without Payslip is quick and easy. To apply simply fill out the online forms from RCS Personal Loan Without Payslip

Contact RCS

0861 SAY RCS (729 727)

021 597 4727

PO BOX 111,


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If you’re looking for extra cash, for whatever you need, trust RCS Personal Loan Without Payslip to make it possible.