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  1. Richard Hoadley
    Richard Hoadley at |

    Good day
    I am starting a new job on 1st of October. I have the letter of employment as proof. I have been unemployed since
    end January 2017.I need a loan of R60000 to carry me over the next three months .I have a good credit record and with the new job salary would be able to afford the repayments.
    Please could your company assist
    Richard Hoadley

  2. martie pieterse
    martie pieterse at |

    good day I need a very very urgent loan of R2000.00 that will be settled by 28-02-2018 could you help me please please as my credit score is very low but my husband passed away and I had a lot of medical bills and now the funeral expensives. could you pls let me know but I need it for tomorrow
    martie Pieterse

  3. Gina
    Gina at |

    Please can you assist me with getting a loan of R30000 I can provide you with my last months bank statement(January) which shows an amount of R8800 which was my income. Since I am unemployed I make my own income by sub contracting jobs in the painting and renovations field . please help me out.

    Gina G

  4. Joanie Mhlabeni
    Joanie Mhlabeni at |

    Hi I’m Joanie i need money loan I’m self employed hv bank statement no bad credit record i want to buy a car for my business i take taxi to my my stock fast food. Sweets nd back also own taxi driver nd jst finished my 10 room house need lounge suite plz

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